Technical Textiles

Technical Textile Groups


The sector of technical textiles is still growing fast. Technical textiles can be divided into 12 categories, depending on their end use. This classification system which was developed by the Techtextile fair in Frankfurt, is widely used in Europe, North America and Asia. ZIMMER AUSTRIA offers high quality multipurpose coating machines and lines for applications of all 12 technical textile groups:


  • Agrotech (textiles used in agriculture, e.g. for crop protection)
  • Buildtech (textiles used in construction, e.g. for insulations)
  • Clothtech (technical textiles for clothing applications, especially in the finishing process)
  • Medtech (textiles used in the health sector)
  • Mobiltech (textiles used in transport, automotive and aerospace, e.g. for seat and floor coverings)
  • Oekotech (textiles used in environmental protection applications)
  • Geotech (textiles used in infrastructure projects, e.g. reinforcement of embankments or roads; must have good strength, durability, low moisture absorption)
  • Hometech (textiles used in a domestic environment, e.g. floor, windows, bed and wall coverings)
  • Indutech (textiles used for chemical and electrical applications and textiles related to mechanical engineering)
  • Packtech (textiles used for e.g. packaging, bags or canvas covers)
  • Protech (textiles used in technical protective fabrics, e.g. for safety clothing)
  • Sporttech (textiles used in sport clothing, e.g. for sailing, skiing or diving)

Benefit from the most efficient solutions developed by ZIMMER AUSTRIA for optimum applications with liquids, pastes, lacquers and foams on substrates such as textiles, plastics, nonwovens, carpets, glass, foils and other innovative materials.

The fields of application are full surface coating, dot coating, print bonding, impregnations, bonding, dyeing and printing of aqueous, paste-type and foamed substances.


Technical textiles can be processed with the following machine lines:


ROTARY.SCREEN Printing Machines

  • ROTASCREEN is the most cost effective method for high quality mass production
  • High repeat accuracy and fastest printing speed of up to 120 m/min
  • Either with closed (TG) or open (TU, RSDM-V) bearing system
  • Multi-color intermittent printing
  • Available with MAGNET SYSTEM PLUS or blade squeegee system
  • Working width: 165 cm up to 330 cm
  • Up to 24 printing stations




  • Tailor-made solutions for applications of technical textiles:
    • Foil Coating and Printing Line, designed for special applications on foil for the aeronautic, airplane and military industry
    • 3-Step-PVC Coating Line, designed for high quality, heavy duty PVC fabrics for tarpaulins, billboards and many more
    • Plastic Material Lacquering Line, designed for high-end lacquering of PVC fabrics dedicated for swimming pools, fish ponds, etc.
  • ZIMMER AUSTRIA offers high quality multipurpose coating machines and lines with the pioneering ZIMMER MAGNET SYSTEM PLUS for applications of all 12 technical textile groups
  • Custom-made solutions for high quality coating:
    • MAGNOROLL – modular system with MAGNOKNIFE, ROTARY.SCREEN, Magnetic Low-Add-On System, MAGNOROLL and MAGNOJET or VARIOPRESS foam system
    • TRIPLEXCOAT –  with KNIFE, ROTARY.SCREEN and MAGNOJET slot nozzle device
    • MAGNOJET – closed COATING System for paste or foam
    • VARIOPRESS – open COATING System for stable and metastable foams
    • PVC lacquering – with single or double roll coating system


  • High quality modular constructions of high capacity and powerful hot air nozzle dryer with pioneering THERMOCURE technology
  • Installation possible with any existing screen printing, coating and wet application machine
  • Optimized interior geometry for high energy efficiency and uniform chamber temperature
  • For all classes of dyes
  • Tailor-made dimensioning of capacity needs and overall sizes


Recommended Machine Line Components



  • For the perfect preparation prior to the printing production
  • ZIMMER offers a wide range of high quality sampling and laboratory machines, suitable for all kinds of textile fabrics
    • MIDI-II sample printing as well as MINI-MD strike-off machines are available for ROTASCREEN and/or FLATSCREEN Systems




  • WASHING ACCESSORIES - Stainless steel rotary screen and squeegee washing machines for quick and efficient cleaning
  • ROTARY.SCREEN MAKING EQUIPMENT - Ending Glueing Machine, Screen Lacquering Equipment, etc.
  • UPGRADES - SPEED-UP modernization packages for flat screen printing machines type FA, FBU, FM II