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ZIMMER AUSTRIA offers high quality modular constructions of high efficiency and powerful hot air nozzle dryer with THERMOCURE technology. For all common fabric qualities like webs, knits, nonwovens, being printed with pigments, reactive dyes, acid dyes, dispersion and others onto products like fashion, apparel, home textile, flags, towels, blankets, papers, printed and wet textiles, decorative fabrics, plastic foils and similar.

Installation possible with any kind of screen printing-, coating-, and wet application machine.


  • Tailor-made dimensioning of capacity needs and overall sizes
  • Optimized interior geometry for high energy efficiency and uniform chamber temperature
  • Various heating medium options (e.g. gas, thermal oil, … )
  • Various options of fabric exit units (e.g. plaiter for single-web, … )
  • Various configuration possibilities (e.g. removable hot air nozzles, … )
  • Various options of dryer layouts according to the particular requirements
    e.g. COMPACT.HC - Layout 1 (standard execution for ROTASCREEN machines)

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