Wall Covering

Wall Covering


  • Wall coverings and wallpapers are used for interior decoration
  • Most wallpapers are printed and designed with a repeat pattern
  • This technique requires a high repeat accuracy at the printing process
  • ZIMMER AUSTRIA has developed the most efficient and optimal solution for these specific requirements
  • The new ROTASCREEEN machine line for high quality large batch production guarantees the best possible results for wall coverings


Wall Coverings can be processed with the following machine lines:

Rotascreen TG Wallpaper Printing

ROTARY.SCREEN Printing Machines

  • ROTASCREEN is the most cost effective method for high quality mass production
  • High repeat accuracy and fastest printing speed of up to 120 m/min
  • Either with closed (TG) or open (TU, RSDM-V) bearing system
  • Multi-color intermittent printing
  • Available with MAGNET SYSTEM PLUS or blade squeegee system
  • Working width: 165 cm up to 330 cm
  • Up to 24 printing stations



  • Optimum solution for drying of wall coverings: COMPACT.HC - Layout 1
  • High quality modular constructions of high capacity and powerful hot air nozzle dryer with pioneering THERMOCURE technology
  • Installation possible with any existing screen printing, coating and wet application machine
  • Optimized interior geometry for high energy efficiency and uniform chamber temperature
  • For all classes of dyes
  • Tailor-made dimensioning of capacity needs and overall sizes


Recommended Machine Line Components



  • For the perfect preparation prior to the printing production
  • ZIMMER offers a wide range of high quality sampling and laboratory machines, suitable for all kinds of textile fabrics
    • MIDI-II sample printing as well as MINI-MD strike-off machines are available for ROTASCREEN and/or MAGNOPRINT Systems




  • WASHING ACCESSORIES - Stainless steel rotary screen and squeegee washing machines for quick and efficient cleaning
  • ROTARY.SCREEN MAKING EQUIPMENT - Ending Glueing Machine, Screen Lacquering Equipment, etc.
  • UPGRADES - SPEED-UP modernization packages for flat screen printing machines type FA, FBU, FM II