Characteristics and Technology

MIDI-II-F – Sample Printing Machine

For the perfect printing sample prior to the printing production process you may opt for the MIDI-II-F flat screen sample printing machine in the same printing width as your production machines for real-size sample printing, suitable for all kinds of textile fabrics. The repeat length, the speed and the number of squeegee strokes as well as the magnetic power are individually adjustable on each printing station.

  • Minimized sample production time due to the fast and easy set-up of screen and roll rods.
  • Totally integrated and reliable, but simple to handle computer control system with touch screen panel.
  • The MIDI-II-F sample printing machine can optionally be equipped with Magnetic Single or Twin Roll Rod System.

According to the requirements of the textile product, the magnet bars are available as:

  • Standard magnet bars SMP 70/55 (e. q. for towel printing) or Extra Strong magnet power SMP 70/95  (e. q. for acrylic and polyester blanket printing)


This sample printing machine is also available for Rotary Screen Printing Systems (MIDI-II-R) only, or Flat Screen combined with Rotary Screen Systems (MIDI-II-F/R).

Technical Data

 Available printing widths 165 / 185 / 225 / 250 / 285 / 330 cm
 Effective printing lenghts (=sample length) 9.5 / 11.5 / 13.7 / 15.9 / 18.9 / 20.3. / 22.4 / 24.6 / 26.8 / 29 / 32 m