Characteristics and Technology

Dryer with polymerizing unit included. Suitable for the hot-air-fixation of pigments. The polymerization unit is designed as a curing area within the last (third) fabric passage for a usual dwelling time of approximately 3 minutes. Drying and fixation of pigments can be accomplished within one single working process. The Compact HC-Poly model can also operate independently without the use of the included polymerization unit.

After having passed the drying zone, the fabric is being plaited onto the second conveyor belt, moving at very slow speed through the curing zone. The fabric temperature is being controlled simultaneously and any possible deviation will be transmitted to the operator by means of visual and acoustic signals. After having passed the fixation zone, the fabric passes the curing zone with permanent hot-air blowing throughout the necessary dwelling time.



For all common fabric qualities like webs, knits, nonwovens, being printed with pigments, reactive dyes, acid dyes, dispersion and others onto products like fashion, apparel, home textile, flags, towels, blankets, papers, printed and wet textiles, decorative fabrics, plastic foils and similar.

Technical Data

 Available working width  1000 mm to 3400 mm
 Heating medium options  steam, thermal oil, hot water, direct gas burner
 No. of fabric passages  Standard: 3
 Optional: 1
 Operating temperature  90°C to 200°C
 Web guiding system  teflon-coated fibre glass mesh conveyor belt
 Production Speed  4 m/min to 120 m/min
 Drying capacity  200 kg to 1500 kg of water/ h (depending on the number of drying chambers installed and overall working conditions)