ZIMMER AUSTRIA offers a wide range of high quality ROTARY.SCREEN Making Equipment


All machine lines are adapted, designed and manufactured according to our customer’s individual needs.


Polymerization Chamber

  • Optimum temperature adjustment
  • Uniform heat distribution in the chamber

Screen Drying and Storing Chamber

  • For optimum drying of the lacquered screens
  • Air-conditioned chamber

Screen Developing Machine

  • Simple to handle screen developing machine
  • For the developing of screens with any kind of repeat size

Endring Glueing Machine

  • Preparation process - in order to achieve high quality printing results
  • Uniform heat distribution
  • One heating element at each sides of the endring glue zone, controlled by an efficient thermostat

Screen Lacquering Machine

  • For an optimum and uniform applying of the lacquer layer

RSL-RE Cleaning and Degreasing Device

RSL-BSM Coating Machine (semi-automatic)

RSL-TS Drying Oven

  • For drying of rotary screen sleeves

RSL-EW Developing Device (automatic)

RSL-KL Screen Inspection Unit

RSL-P Polymerisation Oven

RSL-AV Unpacking Device

RSL-ET Lacquer-Stripping Tank

RSL-WZ tools

RSL-Z accessories

RSL-CH chemicals