Characteristics and Technology


  • MAGNOROLL rotary screen station for paste or foam application with the famous ZIMMER MAGNET SYSTEM PLUS, which combines the advantages of the revolutionarily MAGNET SYSTEM with the traditional blade system.
  • The MAGNOROLL coating and printing machine can optionally be equipped with two rotary screens for simultaneous application.
  • Individual width adjustment of both print heads allow narrow printing on any wider machine.
  • High quality results on different substrates such as home textiles, fashion, automotive, technical textiles, flags, banners, towels and blankets.
  • Automatic computer controlled foam generator supplies the necessary application amount of any stable or instable foam.
  • Available in working widths from 500 mm to 3200 mm and repeat size of 640 mm to 914 mm.


Home Textile Printing, Fashion Printing, Technical Textile Printing, Wallpaper Printing and Coating for applications of all 12 technical textile groups.

Technical Data

 Working width  500 mm up to 3200 mm
 Repeat Size  640 mm up to 914 mm