ZIMMER AUSTRIA production site Klagenfurt


Driven by perfection and committed to the credo – First in Quality & First in Service – the machine manufacturer ZIMMER AUSTRIA has become the benchmark for dependable high-class machines in the textile printing industry. With about 160 highly skilled and dedicated employees and workers competence centre ZIMMER AUSTRIA Klagenfurt provides screen printing and coating machines, as well as hot air dryers, heat treatment machines and loop steamers. Tailor-made high quality solutions for application areas such as home textiles, upholstery, towels, blankets, flags, banners, fashion, technical textiles, wall coverings, nonwovens, papers and even glass fibre.

We are constantly endeavoured to offer the highest quality on the market. Therefore, all machine lines are adapted, designed and manufactured according to our customer’s individual needs. Our customers rely on our proven technologies and technical know-how since many decades and every year we invest a major percentage of our turnover in research and development, in order to always be one step ahead.

From Idea to Innovation - at our TECHNOLOGY.APPLICATION CENTRE in Klagenfurt we provide you with comprehensive support and advice from the initial idea right up to your production print- or coating line as well as the development of new applications. With the knowledge of over 140 years, we work continuously on innovative technologies. Furthermore we are proud to ensure the best possible service for our customers by our highly qualified and experienced service technicians, solving every appearing issue.

ZIMMER AUSTRIA has shaped the market with pioneering innovations and revolutionary technologies. In today’s century of digitisation and industry 4.0, ZIMMER AUSTRIA has the required know-how, the global business partner network and the profound technologies to cope with the market needs of cost-effectiveness, quality and flexibility. Therefore, ZIMMER AUSTRIA is the ideal and most competent partner for the total printing process.

The perfect solution for your individual needs!