Characteristics and Technology

ROTASCREEN.TU –  Open Bearing System

Additionally to all advantages of the G-Type Closed Bearing System, the U-Type printhead with the open bearing system offers fast, safe handling and set-up of the screens together with the color pipes during design changes. This very compact and solid construction with merely one rigid high quality steel support across the printing machine table, assures optimum view onto the printed fabric between each printing station. Furthermore an optimum and uniform color application is guaranteed by the original ZIMMER MAGNET SYSTEM PLUS, which combines the advantages of the revolutionarily Magnet System with the traditional blade system.

Digital Synchronisation, between the screens and the printing blanket drive guarantees high printing accuracy at any printing speed of up to 120 meters per minute. Depending on the required printing width one or two servomotors are mounted on each printing station.

Open Bearing Printhead Type U - Individual width adjustment of both print heads allow narrow printing on any wider machine and the new ACR-5-control system permits easy handling, short set-up time, automatic repeat setting, design memory and quick reproduction of re-orders. Screens, color pipes and roll rods are installed and changed simultaneously.

Advantages and ROTASCREEN maschine details:

  • Different feeding and exit device options, adaptable to various textile qualities.
  • Totally integrated and reliable, but simple to handle computer control system with touch screen operator panel in your mother language.
  • Different color application systems according to your requirements


Home Textiles, Fashion, Technical Textiles, Wall Covering, Transfer Paper, Glass Fibre, Upholstery, ...

Color Application Systems:

  • Different color application systems according to your requirements:
    • Standard color pipe RG-S1-ST-ECO roll squeegee with magnetic holding ledge
    • Magnet blade squeegee
    • Air-Flow blade squeegee
    • ASG Variocolor application systems, combines all advantages of the Original Magnet System and the traditional roll & blade squeegee system.
    • Unique BVS micro channel system, developed by ZIMMER AUSTRIA, for more precise paste distribution – can be optionally installed for all standard color pipes
  • High quality squeegee holding devices:
    • RH-ECO-U – for open bearing systems
    • RH-M Air-Flow – with pneumatic adjustment for the Air-Flow squeegee
    • RH-M-ASG – high-class execution for stepless fine adjustment of the Variocolor squeegee device

Technical Data

 Working width  165 / 185 / 225 / 250 / 285 / 330 cm
 Number of printing stations  up to 24
 Repeat size adjustment  from 64 cm to 102 cm
 Printing head  open bearing printhead
 Printing speed  up to 120 meters per minute
 Color pipes  RG-S1-ST-ECO roll squeegee;
 Variocolor magnet blade squeegee;
 Variocolor ASG roll & magnet blade squeegee;
 air-flow blade squeegee
 Squeegee holding devices  RH-ECO-U, RH-M Air-Flow, RH-M-ASG
 Control System  ACR-5