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ZIMMER Kufstein Technology Center
WOW - ZIMMER AUSTRIA Newsletter 03-2/2021

ZIMMER AUSTRIA is well known for printing of medium to heavy weight textiles including woven, knits, nonwoven, velour, terry fabrics, technical textile,  as well as raschel fabrics, needle-punch, tufted and woven carpet substrates. .......


Newsletter 2021-02_3
WOW - ZIMMER AUSTRIA Newsletter 03-3/2021
COLARIS Digital Printing Technology for a broad range of applications

ZIMMER AUSTRIA Digital Systems provides printers for the widest range of textile print applications in the market. CHROMOJET valve jet, and COLARIS piezo printing technology cover the complete range for direct printing onto any fiber-based substrate.

WOW Newsletter Rainbow 202006.jpg
WOW - ZIMMER AUSTRIA Newsletter 07/2020
Digital Carpet and Rug Production Line BEST VALUE FOR MONEY

PT Rainbow Indah Carpet; Bogor, Indonesia - has invested into a COLARIS digital carpet print line from ZIMMER AUSTRIA.
Rainbow Carpet” a leading carpet manufacturer in Indonesia, having capabilities of tufted broadloom carpets, PVC carpet tiles, Axminster and CHROMOJET printed carpets.

Kufsteinerin 201909.jpg
Kufsteinerin Sept. 2019 | Adriane Gamper
2019: Success between carpets and braces


Excerpt from KUFSTEINERIN (09/19) – (Text: adriane gamper / Foto: Christian Mey & ZIMMER AUSTRIA)

Almost everyone has a product at home that has been printed with systems from the Kufstein company ZIMMER. The special mechanical engineering company uses 154 success factors. A company history with networked satellites and quite unique meeting rooms for creative discussions.


The article of the enclosed *PDF file is only in German.

From 1 to 500 ZIMMER AUSTRIA is celebrating the benchmark of delivering its 500th MAGNOROLL coating machine.

The sky is the limit. Another milestone has been achieved in the company's history by successfully shipping its 500th MAGNOROLL coating machine.
“A milestone indeed and honor for us as well“, says Bruce Stalker from Eclipse Blinds, excited to receive the machine in Scotland (