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WOW - ZIMMER AUSTRIA Newsletter 03-2/2021

ZIMMER AUSTRIA is well known for printing of medium to heavy weight textiles including woven, knits, nonwoven, velour, terry fabrics, technical textile,  as well as raschel fabrics, needle-punch, tufted and woven carpet substrates. .......


Such a wide range of applications needs a constant research and development to update process and machinery concepts alike.
With the investment into a state-of-the-art Technology Center, ZIMMER AUSTRIA continues its pioneering position in process-development for the textile and carpet industry. All aspects from fiber, textured substrate, pre- and post-treatment, ink development, design studio, print production and finishing are covered under one roof. For each ink class used today a laboratory printer is available for test and process development. Additionally, special prints for IR and NIR remission control can be demonstrated to potential customers servicing military needs. 

The latest setup is a printer for mats and tiles as well as continuous carpet, with a width of up to 2.200 mm. This dual ink printer is set-up with acid/metal complex as well as with cationic inks and can print on polyamide, wool, cationic modified polyester and acrylic based substrates.Another production print line is laid out for printing of pigment, acid and direct dye-sublimation inks for various substrates of up to 3.400 mm width. A third printer in presently under installation and will be laid out for VAT Indanthrene printing. All three print lines are used for demo prints and can be booked by customers for small production and proof prints prior or after purchase of a print line, to bridge the delivery time through product development for marketing purpose.  

If you have special needs, a new product in mind or difficult substrates to print – come and talk to us. We will support you and will jointly work on the realization of your vision.


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