Newsletter 10/2021

Newsletter 10/2021
COLARIS mat printing

is our answer to economize the carpet mat print production. Through our latest development, the so called COLARIS Web2Print we can offer a webshop functionality to reduce the time to market and the required labor substantially.   

The customer can select online from stocks of different mat sizes and from a constantly growing number of designs provided by the print shop. Even the upload of personalized or own designs is possible. Whatever image sent in the required data format will be printed within shortest time. After manual placement of a mat on the printer, an optical recognition system detects mat size and position. The computer selects from all uploaded designs and assigns it to the matching mat. Mats have a substantial tolerance in back-coating dimension and tufting precision. The mat and design assignment system automatically scales and trims the image to the printable area. 

RIP on the fly guarantees a precise image re-production through perfect matching of the printable area. It further ensures a bright and brilliant print of the design onto the mat. RIP on the fly is handling all data management parallel to printing, which eliminates the time-consuming job of the pre-print process. Right from the COLARIS printer, the printed mats are transported by a conveyor through the dye fixation process in a steamer chamber and on to the washer to remove residuals of unfixed inks from the mats. The fully automatic online process includes a final drying of the printed substrates in a hot air nozzle dryer before they are delivered onto a pallet for final inspection. After placing the mat on the inspection table, a camera system detects the mat size and takes an image of the print. The design recognition system searches automatically for the mat size and image combination as being uploaded through the webshop. Recognizing the design and mat match as selected from Web2Print, the system automatically assigns the order to the respective customer. The system may trigger a label printer and an automatic invoicing before the documents and the mat will be packed and handed over to the logistics partner.

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